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Weekly Sausage Links


Don’t ask how the URLs get made. Just enjoy the hyperlink tastiness!

Farm Foody– A new social networking site connecting farms and eaters.

Mustard Seed Associates– I have been a fan of Tom and Christian Sine and the work they do for a long time. While this is not specifically related to food, I find that their newsletters often connect to food issues. Their most recent newsletter featured an article about campesinos in Nicaragua.


Weekly Sausage Links


I’m going to try something a little different with the links. Instead of just linking to everything I find I’m going to try and be more selective with the links. I’ll give a brief summary and some commentary on each link.

Don’t ask how the URLs get made. Just enjoy the hyperlink tastiness!

Rooted in discomfort: In the review of her time at the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) an Ethicurean contributor reflects on the connection that Vandana Shiva makes between food justice and the health of democracy. So many of these connections appear tenuous at first, but it is so important to explain how these issues are intimately related.

Former Slave Prepares to Harvest First Cash Crop– The International Justice Mission reports on a former slave who is now changing the lives of his community with money the government gave him after his release. A glimpse of the kingdom coming.

FDA Approves Salmonella (WARNING: Satire Ahead!) I don’t want to spoil the genius of The Onion with a summary. I had to include such truth-telling humor.

Soul Pancake– Rain Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) has launched a site which is described as “quite simply, the only place on the Web to debate, wrestle with, and explore creativity AND spirituality. We’re more than a forum. We’re a community. Express yourself. Debate a new friend. Join us!” Sounds like a pretty sweet new place for conversation…AND it has food in the name so it was a good excuse to include it.

(More) Weekly Sausage Links

180px-Sausage_making-H-1.jpgEnjoy the extra sausage!

The Meat Edition:

Is It Possible to Be a Conscientious Meat Eater?

Climate Friendly Dining: Meats

Is Ethical Meat Eating an Oxymoron?

Shining light on beef labels

Meat: It’s What’s For Meat Dinner

The Future of Food: The No-kill Carnivore

Surprising News About Grass-Finished Beef

The Rest:

The Politics Behind Your Child’s School Lunch

Slow Food in Cambodia

Organic 2.0

Another reason why Chipotle is my favorite chain restaurant

Growing hope in San Quentin

Yellow is the new green

Vilsack says USDA must sharpen focus on civil rights

Weekly Sausage Links


The backlog from my week off has created a long links post. Again… don’t ask how the URLs get made. Just enjoy the hyperlink tastiness!

Is Coal Ash in Soil a Good Idea?

Dig for Recovery: Allotments Boom as Thousands Go to Ground in Recession

Who decides what our children are eating?

First Lady Supports local food

I am what I Eat

Should You Give Up Toilet Paper for Lent?

An interview with Alissa Hamilton about her new book, Squeezed

Nature’s Great Events

Perfect pancake recipe

Less water for pasta cooking

Politics of the Plate: The Price of Tomatoes

Eleven Ketchup Facts

Fooducate breaks down food additives

Voices of the poor

Slow Clothing movement

I Am What I Eat

My mentor claims that I’m his mentor on his blog mereHope. Thanks Stroope for the link love and for your wisdom for the journey. He has some excellent thoughts about integrating thinking about what we eat with our faith.