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Upcoming Appearances

For my stalkers here’s where I will be so you can secretly snap pictures of me with your spy pen.

Will definitely blog the Vilsack keynote. I will try to take good notes at ECHO as well. It will be my first time to the great state of oranges and Disney.


Farm and Food Leadership Conference

This Monday and Tuesday is the Farm and Food Leadership Conference put on by the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance in San Antonio, TX. The keynote speaker for the event is Sally Fallon, raw milk advocate and author of Nourishing Traditions. From what I hear this is likely to be a group of libertarian leaning farmers and ranchers who just want the government to get the heck out of their business. It’s always interesting to spend time with people who share a lot of your views and passions, but for very different reasons.

I’ll try to give you a good summary of the highlights at least and my overall impressions/thoughts. If you see anything of interest on their website let me know and I will try to check it out. Apparently it is being held at the old Pearl Brewery downtown, which sounds awesome.

Farm Update

We finally got some good rain this last week and it really freshened things up. Our CSA season ended until October so there will be more veggies available for our farm stand and for us to eat. Seven members of our community left us this week and new people will be arriving in the next couple weeks. That is one of the hardest things to get used to about the farm. People are constantly coming and going. There are a core group that are here longer term, but many of them will not be here for our entire year. Perhaps a post on farming and community is brewing.

Here’s some of the places I will be traveling in the months to come…