Holy Purchases: What to Do For the Holidays?

I thought I was done with this series, but then the looming High Holy Days of Consumerism made me realize that this is the time of year that people wrestle the most with the conflict between the faith of consumerism and their faith as Christians. So, I want to try and write something helpful rather […]

Holy Purchases: Practices and Possibilities

The previous posts have explored the role of purchases in the consumer religion, letting go of the holiness of our purchases and the idolatry of our purchases. Now I want to outline the identity found in God’s economy as an alternative to the consumer identity constructed through our holy purchases. I’ve done a lot of writing here […]

Holy Purchases: Identity and Idolatry

Read the previous posts about the role of purchases in the consumer religion and letting go of the holiness of our purchases to get more context for this post and this series. This series seems more relevant as we approach the annual High Holy Days of the consumer religion beginning with Black Friday and ending with […]

Losing Faith in Holy Purchases

In the first post I tried to explore what role purchases have in the consumer religion. They both create meaning and identity for us as consumers and also absolve us from the sins of the market and convey righteousness for us compared to other, less holy shoppers. The problem with our purchases serving these purposes (creating […]