Would Ya Look at That…

It’s been 2010 for over a week now and nary a post has been seen around this corner of the interwebs. I haven’t been absent from the series of tubes that continues to keep the planet alive (apparently it’s the only thing working in Haiti after the earthquake). Never fear, there will be no resolutions about posting regularly, I’ve long since abandoned hope. This little project is alive and well, however, and it’s worth it to me, if not you, to continue documenting all that I’m learning and doing. I hope in particular to pick up the Food in the Bible series with some renewed vigor. It has produced several sermons and a Bible study that I feel pretty good about.

As I find myself involved more and more in the real work of gardening, farming, organizing, developing, seeding, harvesting, cooking, eating and living, I find it more difficult to engross myself in the screen culture. My eyes have been much more round of late. However, twitter and facebook makes it possible for me to shoot short bursts of brilliance into the tubes.

Here are the exciting things going on in my real world where most of the work gets done…

I’ve also been reading some anarchist and primitivist or anarcho-primitivist or Christian anarchist writings to try and understand the ideas better after finishing the Ishmael trilogy which inspired the Original Sin of Agriculture posts. In addition I got a couple really sweet shovels for Christmas that I hope to use in a guerrilla gardening adventure involving our christmas tree and an empty lot.


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